Thursday, 24 November 2011

F.A.Q #1: Why aren't there more pro-National/Act Jokes?

Question arose on the Facebook page about why all the pics and macros are generally left-leaning. Therese Monteath-Carr managed to say all of the following in about a tenth of the wordcount, so if you like simple answers in complicated language, please, by all means, read after the cut.

Trev Garrett: I just don't understand why all these political jokes are pro-labour.

Owesome:: Fair question, and one that deserves an answer. This will be a bit long, so brace for a Wall O'Text and extreme earnestness.

Mr T pities the fool, suckah or thug who forgets to vote and runs home crying to his momma!

Both myself and my wife have left-leaning sympathies. Neither of us are affiliated with any political party (in the financial/going to meetings sense) but our personal politics favour a system that promotes care for the more vulnerable in society, amongst other things like universal human rights to life, liberty, and the other thing; also issues like the right to privacy from government organisations and fair (not necessarily free) trade practices.

In my view (can't speak for T here) the National party do not fully support or promote policies consistent with these values.

     Paula Bennett publicly disclosed details of a woman's benefit when that woman criticised a Work and Income decision: this was a total dick move, an abuse of power to silence a critic.

Early proof-of-concept 'pic that I haven't got around to prettying up

     Anne Tolley has repeatedly failed to enter into a dialogue with the teaching sector over controversial new practices (National Standards) and has instead bullied and antagonized them for three years, ignoring advice from the industry contrary to her and National's agenda.

     John Key's "leadership" has consisted of smiling and waving and attending Royal weddings, instead of dealing with tough issues like child poverty, youth unemployment, and the rising cost of superannuation for baby boomers (and their children). His stated aim of (partially) selling state assets will rob the country of the high dividends they produce, choking a valuable revenue stream to curb borrowing. His government has borrowed more in three years than Helen's government ever did in any given three year period (and not all of that is for disaster relief). He has supported and refused to apologise on behalf of Paula Bennett over her beneficiary abuse. I could go on, but this is already long enough.

Straight up, no chaser.

So, why don't we make jokes about Labour? When I started this thing, I was prepared to. But the more I thought about what the Greens and Labour were proposing, the more I realised that they were the best hope I had of seeing my daughter grow up in a country I could be proud of. So instead, I/we started to make images that built up the people we respected, as well as trying to put some of the absurd things politicians we don't respect have said into a new context.

I hope that clears things up, and I sincerely hope that - whatever your personal politics - that you find our material vaguely amusing. I hope, too, that you use the material we put out to examine your own opinions and views; I won't go so far as to say that the unexamined vote is not worth casting, but I *will* say that a vote with a good reason behind it is an inherently beautful thing, whoever it is cast for.

Did this one before the Teabagger Tapes became such a huge deal. I mean, seriously.

Unless it's cast for John Banks. Dude is a straight up homophobic racist. Fuck that guy.

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