Friday, 11 November 2011

The MemeSpree NZ 2011 Many-FIST!-O

For immediate release to all media, socially transmitted or otherwise.

MemeSpree NZ 2011: Laugh, Share, Think.

From the co-creator of the popular "Ghost Jobs" image comes more election views that you can use: MemeSpree New Zealand, or MemeSpree NZ.

MemeSpree NZ 2011 believes that every New Zealander already knows enough to vote, but politicians spend millions of dollars trying to convince them otherwise. It's hard to think when every media outlet has a vested interest in keeping you locked in to their channel, or buying their paper, or watching their adverts. Which is why we thought we would re-format the election into byte-sized chunks that most kiwis can understand.

MemeSpree NZ is loyal to ideas, not ideology.

MemeSpree NZ believes that sometimes you need to shout to be heard, and is commited to giving every person the tools to do so.

MemeSpree NZ thinks that politics and morality are basically the same thing in different languages.

MemeSpree NZ is committed to big ideas in small words.

MemeSpree NZ is not for MPs, it's for you.

MemeSpree NZ provides your newsfeed with a vital service: translating what political candidates say into ideas you can actually understand. Nobody has time to wade through all the different media outlets and come up with a view that really takes all the information into account. So why not let MemeSpree do it for you?

MemeSpree NZ is also committed to collecting all the information out there into one easy to use place, so that everyday people can judge for themselves how they want to vote.

MemeSpree NZ: Your Election in a Nek Minnit.

To achieve this, MemeSpree will follow the following loose schedule:

Fridays: 24 Macros in 12 Hours, where we post as many funny images we can come up with over the course of 12 hours for public discussion. Feel free to share these as widely as you want; permission is granted to everybody except for John Key to have these on their hard-drive.

Saturday and Sunday: Filling In the Blanks. Then we spend as much time as we can spare over the weekend going back over those pictures and talking about them with you. We promise to listen.

Monday: Jump-Start the Spin Cycle with free Spin Cycle Classes. A series of blog posts in Normal English, Academic English, and Corporate English designed to high-light the ways in which politicians lie to you (aka Obfuscating the Truth through deploying elitist language, aka increasing shareholder value by dynamically releasing information relevant to shareholder interests).

Tuesday: Towards A Political Alignment System, or, Why Isn't There A Sorting Hat for MPs?; a series of blog posts where, together with you, we work towards a system of tags (not labels) that you can apply to any political candidate so you can understand where their ideas are coming from.

Wednesday: Real Life Day. Get off the internet and play outside; you've earned it.

Thursday: What Next? You Decide!: Your chance to put forward ideas for the MemeSpree team to re-mix and re-use.

How can I participate?

MemeSpree will be puttting together tools and templates for you to make your own funny pictures. Think of it as LolzMPz instead of LolCats, and you're not too far off. We will also point you to easy to use How-To FAQs if you need help.

If you're worried that your boss might fire you, or if Paula Bennett will leak your benefit details on the telly, email them to with [NoEgo] in the subject line. We will upload them on your behalf. This way, MemeSpree Admins will know who's clever creation it is and can pass on feedback we receive about how cool you are to you without you getting blamed for it.

Or you can post it to your own FaceBook page or Tumblr, and we'll make sure to put up a link giving you full credit/blame for your creation.

If you think you're not ready to take the step of creating a meme or macro or image or video yourself, become a MemeSpree Recruitment Officer! All you need to do is look at your friends list on your social media of choice and bug them until they make something funny. In New Zealand, everyone knows someone who knows someone, so there's bound to be at least one musician, artist, or photographer on your FList. Hassle them until they give in.

Not got the time? MemeSpree NZ is the home of Too Long, Didn't Read politics. Here's an example:

TL;DR: MemeSpree NZ is a place to share political parody and opinions.
TL;DR: MemeSpree NZ Makes Politics Ezy.
TL;DR: Commit to ThoughtCrime. Think For Yourself.
TL;DR: MemeSpree NZ: Power to the People, and Ban The Fucking Bomb.

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