Monday, 14 November 2011

MemeSpree's Initial Public Offering

Welcome to MemeSpree, your home for irreverent and topical political humour and commentary for the 2011 New Zealand referendeum, and where you too can contribute!.

The co-creator of the popular "Ghost Jobs" image macro/meme is proud to present MemeSpree NZ 2011: Laugh Share Think, the political views you can actually use.

MemeSpree NZ is an amateur, non-funded, crowd-sourced place to share ideas, humour, and opinions on the Very Serious Business of the 2011 New Zealand/Aotearoa election.

If you find that politics is too long, too complicated, welcome home. MemeSpree is the home of TL;DR (Too Long, Didn't Read) politics.

Got an idea? Tell a mate! Together you can probably whip something up that'll go right around the Internet and back again.. After all, that's how Ghost Jobs got started.

Pics will be cross-posted to the official Tumblr account and Facebook page; those will also have links to the blog when it updates. The loose update schedule is:

Monday: "Spin Cycle Classes," a series of blog posts looking at the way the "story" of the election has been taking shape so far.
Tuesday: "Towards a Political Alignment System," a series looking at the different ways of labeling parties and politicians.
Wednesday: Real Life day. Go play in the sun, you've earned it.
Thursday: What next? You decide! A chance to vote on what the next series of memes and macros will be about.
Friday: MemeSpree! We release a bunch of stuff to the web and see what sticks.
Saturday and Sunday: Filling in the gaps, where we go back over the last week and talk about stuff.

Interspersed with these will be other articles and posts on political topics as they come up. We'll see what happens.

Please see the Many-FIST!-O for more on the aims and methods of this project. Please spread these images and ideas as widely as possible, and stay tuned for more!


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