Friday, 25 November 2011

Notice of Temporary Suspension of Service, sorta

In line with the Electoral Commission guidelines for socially transmitted media, Arthur Monteath-Carr has disabled comments from now until 7pm, 26 November 2011, or thereabouts, or whenever I can be bothered turning them back on after dinner tomorrow.

I plan one last post on the blog after this before going to bed tonight, and that will be that until after the election. I may or may not be tweeting during results, depending on whether I can get to the computer be bothered get excited enough to, which is quite likely; @memespreeNZ is who to follow if you're a tweety bird, and I think that #voteNZ is the hashtag of choice; but then again, I'm still new at this twitter stuff.

For the record, I heart the electoral commission and believe they do very good and important work. The sanctity of polling day is a long-held tradition in this country for good reason, and one that I respect.

The Facebook page will (probably) be open for comments; I humbly request that people refrain from posting pro- or anti- party or campaign or policy stuff there until after polls close at 7pm tomorrow (Saturday 26th). Let people make up their own minds, and respect other people's right to a free, beautiful, unfettered vote.

By [Owesome], AKA C. Arthur Monteath-Carr