Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Teabagger Tapes

MemeSpree NZ has (not) been provided with a copy of the controversial "Tea Party" tapes by an anonymous source. Unlike the so-called 'Legitimate' Media, we are not afraid to release the contents!

As you can see, these quotes prove that the tapes are a 'Game Changer'- from the endless merry-go-round of Monopoly that the election has been so far, to a cut-throat family round of Scrabble. MemeSpree NZ calls upon the two Johnnies to release the full content of the tapes so that these controversial statements can be put into context for the New Zealand public.

Seriously though, the whole thing? So it's OK for the police to conduct warrantless covert surveilance, but when it's directed at you, it's tabloid tactics? Like I've always said, having double standards just means you've got twice as much standards as anyone else.

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