Saturday, 3 December 2011

If "A is A," does that mean that "A" is also "A"?

Everybody's talking about it... but I can't hear a word they're saying...

I heard an excellent RadioNZ interview about "recursion" shortly before the election, and it blew my mind.

(Relevant bit tagged as "9:05" but I recall this particular episode of Kim Hill's Saturday show to be exceptionally good the whole way through)

It was talking about the way our brains are structured to deal with the concept of infinity; the way we can manage to wrap our (collective) heads around the sort of, "I know that he knows, but does he know that I know that he knows?" situations that can arise when humans are communicating with each other.

Which is a complicated way of saying the people are pretty good at internalising complex situations in their minds, and lead me to thinking about how if you only consider the views and opinions of people that already agree with you, you're only ever going to come to conclusions you already agree with.

Anyway, this was just a quick screencap of the sort of weirdness my BookFace experience is throwing up at me these days. Good times, good times. Hope everyone is enjoying our excellent series of guest posts on the topic of How and Why one should (or shouldn't) participate in Democracy; please feel free to submit any thoughts you have on your own voting/not voting experience to this email address.

Please, stick around; things are only going to get more fun from here on in.


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