Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thanks and New Update Schedule

I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful guest posters; I know I've really enjoyed hearing from all of you.

I'm all shook up... with gratitude! Image Source

When I set up MemeSpree NZ I thought of it as a "sharing space" to try and encourage anyone and everyone to get their views out there on the Inter-Nets. I think that, during the election, I kind of failed at this (No submissions received through Email, but there were some really good stuffs posted on the Facebook page, which was rad!) and looking back at the proposed update schedule at the start, I was not only hopelessly naive, I was hopelessly optimistic and ambitious. But hey, we live and learn.

So we're not going anywhere, but we are slowing down some.

My Real Life is still pretty hectic and there's still a few things I need to smooth out before kicking back into all things political again, but I do want to keep this blog up; it's been a blast and really helped me feel like I'm actually contributing to the online debate. It's not, like delusions of grandeur or anything.

Possibly delusions of relevance. ^_^

In any case, I'm going to be moving to a Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday update schedule, events permitting. With any luck, I'll be aiming to post things on these topics:

- Finish the long-delayed "Political Alignment System" series. I keep putting it off and I'd like to get it out there.

I ain't mad atcha. I'm mad for ya.

-Work on a submission to the select committee on why the voter turnout was so low. You might've seen a few figures floating around out there about voter turnout; I think it's stabilised at 73% of enrolled voters, or 68% of all eligible voters.

I used to brag to American acquaintances that New Zealand was way more awesomer than the stinky ol' U.S.A because we were so much more engaged with public life here.I don't think I can make that claim any more; those figures are embarrassing.

While there are very good reasons for not enrolling to vote or for not casting a ballot, I do believe that this time around? The stakes were higher than anyone realised. I do believe that everyone already knows how they would vote, they just need a way to relate to the process better. That's why I started all this malarkey, and that's why I'm going to keep it up for as long as I can.

I can't promise that I won't stray from the message occasionally when something truly bizarre crops up that needs mocking (ACT's plans for franchising private schools, for example) but I will try to keep working towards finding ways to make politics fun again.

Anyway, this submission. I'm hoping to work on it in public here, and invite all of you to chip in your 0.02 cents in the comments. I dunno how attribution would work in the final draft, but I have no intention of stealing anyone's ideas and calling 'em my own; we can work it all out later if you want. In any case, here's the working title:

Does the 2011 General Election Represent
A Failure of the Marketplace of Ideas?

Basically, what I'm hoping to get around to arguing, is that if voters won't go to the ballot box, maybe we could try taking the ballot box to them.

I'm wanting to look at how and when the disillusionment with the political process sets in, and how the nation might want to address that. I'm hoping to look at how people, especially young people, engage in the things that do interest them, and seeing if those techniques can be applied to voting.

All of this will probably be argued from my own biases and prejudices, because I have zero (0) resources to throw at this; all this I just do for kicks, so will only be backed up with hasty Google research and lots of arguing from anecdotes instead of statistics. Which is why I'm hoping people will want to chime in; not just to feed my own ego (which is always nice ^_^) but because, left to myself, I tend to go off the rails a bit.

Anyway. thanks for sticking around; hopefully the blog/facebook page so far has been amusing and useful to you, and hopefully, we can continue to be so.

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