Sunday, 18 December 2011

YOU won this fight, NOT John bloody Key.

By Arthur Monteath-Carr

The headline for this story is at best flirting with the truth and at worst actually harmful to the movement to save the main Auckland 24-hour rape crisis call centre.

It evokes the image of a fatherly Key hearing the pleas of vulnerable people and generously moving to save the centre, like Yahweh parting the Red Sea after a quick txt from Moses.

I was going to do one with Moses coming down the mount with two iPads, but I got lazy. ^_^

In reality Key's Facebook page is a weapon the party uses to present a sanitized version of our Glorious Leader. During the Election any post critical of National policy was deleted and the poster banned - myself included. Granted, some of my posts were... less articulate or well mannered... than some... but. The point remains. The group "Dear John Key, Here is the Letter/Post You Deleted From Your Wall" collects some of these.

I have seen no evidence he even reads or runs the damn thing. While he was relaxing eating takeout with his fam on polling day eve, he was also porting ads on his page:

Posted on the Lord High Everything Else's page between bites of Chow Mein, presumably.
Interestingly, I now cannot find the post on his page or anything else from polling day eve. Hmm.

Remember: National didn't save the crisis centre. YOU DID by screaming so loud they couldn't ignore you any more.

YOU are more powerful than you could ever realise. NEVER let them forget that


  1. Simply posting a polite query about Chch earthquake zoning on Key's Facebook page has been enough to get one instantly unfriended.

  2. Blooming heck.

    I've got another rant brewing on the "Garbage In/Garbage Out" principle and how only listening to the views you want to hear results in Bad Wrong Thinking. That'd be a point for that rant, right there... [Arthur]


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