Politics is Srs Bznz.


MemeSpree NZ is an "Amateur Sharing Space" for people to Laugh, Share, and Think about New Zealand politics.

What this means is that the blog, Facebook page, and associated internet and socially transmitted media are a non-funded, volunteer project that anyone and everyone can contribute to regardless of their own political views and backgrounds; the project aims to create an atmosphere of respect, to encourage an open and honest discussion in good faith in terms that everyone can understand.

Political discussion does have its own jargon and short-hand ways of talking about ideas and positions; one of the aims of this project is to put political issues forward in a way that more people can understand, so they can feel involved and empowered in the political process.


MemeSpree NZ was first started as a blog and Facebook page by C. Arthur Monteath-Carr, residing in North Canterbury, just ahead of the 2011 General Election and Referendum, mostly as a way to collect satire and parody images he was producing about the parties and issues surrounding that election. He also blogs and contributes to this project under the nom-de-webbe of Owesome.

C. A. Monteath-Carr: Enabler-In-Chief of MemeSpree NZ
Extraneous Initial Dropper, Raconteur, Poseur.


The blog aims to have updates on or about 6:30pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, just in time to be read instead of following the sports news (if one were so inclined).


Currently the project maintains a blog (which you are reading), a Facebook page, and a Twitter account @MemeSpreeNZ (mostly for announcing updates). The FB gets random links at odd times, but the Blog gets posts on Tues, Thurs, and Sun at 6:30pm


Because people know more about politics than they think they do.

Because politicians, the media, PR people, and their assorted hangers-on in business and industry have a vested interest in making politics look like Serious Business that you have to be a Qualified, Proper Educated Person to understand, when in reality most people have a sense of what they, themselves, would find fair and just - if only they felt like they could understand the issues, if only they felt like people would listen if they took the time to speak out.

Because the Minister for Social Development can release a confidential Work and Income client file to the media and face zero consequences at the time. Because the Prime Minister endorsed this action. This is blatant bullying, scaring critics into staying silent, abusing an already vulnerable sector of society, and it has no place in a civilised country that used to pride itself on giving everyone a fair go.

Because if I can't find a real job,
I might as well make myself a ghost job.


Right now Arthur is working on a submission to the Electoral Commission around the low voter turn out in the 2011 Election. It's working title is "Mohammed and the Mountain: The 2011 Election as a Failed Market of Ideas," and because his background is in philosophy and literature, it's going to feature a lot of arguing from anecdotes and spotty fact-checking. Contributions are welcomed, nay, encouraged, in the comments; with your permission he would like to include such comments in the final submission.

Also, parody and satire images will be worked on and posted as the mood strikes. Reader submissions are very, very welcome and highly encouraged; either post them directly to the Facebook page or email them to the Admin team; please say if you want credit for your work or if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

"About" page written by C. Arthur Monteath-Carr, 
who sometimes has problems with his first, second, and third-person tenses.


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      Brought you here, huh? ;)

  2. "Why would I want a job bro when I can stay on the benefit & smoke drugs, drink piss & play the pokies you fool.

  3. So, maybe touching up your letterbox / car / house / personal property is also a legitimate form of free speech C. Arthur Monteath-Carr ?


Thank you for your feedback! Please feel free to share any image or idea you find on the MemeSpree NZ 2011. Cheers!