Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

This is a page that will, eventually, be the place where we point out which shit we made up and which shit is real.

You'd be surprised, really.

First of all, John Banks really does think that the dole is for people to get paid to watch pornography.

John Key's only regret was not lying about sorry, explaining the BMW's better, while Goff's greatest regret was selling state assets. Haven't been able to find footage from the 3 News Leader's Debate on Youtube, but the quip about the royal wedding came from there.

One mistake that we Didn't Know We Were Making was realising the importance of proper disclosures and disclaimers. These are still a work in progress, but know this:

No money has ever changed hands over MemeSpree NZ and no contributor has ever taken or been given money for any content whatsoever. No current, past, or future political parties paid for anything to do with this project.

It is difficult to prove a negative, however, rest assured that this has been strictly an amateur affair from day 1.